In times like these objectives grammatical and spelling become «living»: comments, remarks such «is like» appear on posters (eg «they open» is like «children fall» «they run away»). But this is not the objective of the work. Later we will analyze and establish rules. We gradually built tools, spelling aids, grammatical to become more efficient in writing. Children have at their disposal in class support tools (vocabulary developed CP, dictionary for small edition PEMF) from CP.

After 40 minutes, each group reported their work. The drive, which is different from the writer adjusts itself written, correct inverted syllables, added the forgotten words. This work is sometimes performed by the helper homework
group before its presentation, children not validate the writers wrote of their comrade with a reading and thus lead to a readjustment.

I realize that little by little kids do this validation work before submission to the class group. The final evaluation of the productions is the reaction of the class group. After each presentation, a discussion ensued. We realize that what is obvious to the transmitter group is not always for the recipient group. It happens that several groups are working on the same path.

So far, after confrontations. remarks, we managed to link the written just to form one (Phew !!! …). The points of disagreement are treated collectively, when there is no consensus, we vote. Input is done every day by working on the computer. About 6 hours of class, the computer is busy 5 hours.

It captures only cleaned writings completed, communicated and validated. The layout will be done when the novel is finished, in the classroom, with Publisher. In parallel, I planned to finalize this production as a CD-ROM version interactively.

This tentative conclusion is the Christmas break. Our tree has many branches. The children are very motivated and surprised me with their ideas. See you in the next issue of educational Artisans (ICEM Bulletin 34) (**) Anecdote One Thursday, Alex, an insecure child by him, wanted to work alone. It was a Thursday when I was not attached to any particular group.

So I was sailing from group to group. I found myself sitting next to Alex, who had already written five lines and appeared «dry». He introduced me to his work, we discussed it, I asked for clarification on some intelligible point, new ideas are born. After I politely dismissed, Alex is given to write.

Upon return to the large group, Alex presented his work (an A4 duplex page) to the entire class. He told me in an aside: «You know, mistress, I did not know I was capable of writing so much!» Following its communication to the class, the children spontaneously applauded Alex grateful for this gesture and validating his work. Since that day, Alexander is a major producer of writings, increasingly autonomous. January 1998: difficult recovery I tend to make learning hard.

A panic blows on me. Luckily I go on training. I return more serene. It is organized: three boxes consist next to the computer: ready to capture, input current, input end. Tuesday morning is the seizure morning.

From 9 to 10:30 am, rolling, children grasp with the help of David, our assistance educator. From 11 am to noon, children will grasp at colleagues with a floppy disk. Each entered text is printed and given to children who stick it in their notebook production of writings. Each text is displayed in the table consistent with our tree.

You can follow different paths by a color system. Christine Bonnin (*) The didactic research suggests that there is a better interaction in groups of three. (**) and also in French Gossip, I hope French Gossip No. 14 Author: Christine Bonnin
School Blog perso Angel Guepin on 14/01/11 — 6:07 p.m. Hello dear parents and students, we are 3 days of departure (J-3).

We start Monday at 8:37 of the train station to False Naates the mountain. We will be at the South Station for 7:45. We will arrive at around 18h ??False, if all goes well! (No «bottling» trains or because no rail or catenary frozen, no accident …!). We hurry to get there. We invite you to use the blog to meet us or come to the school to read our messages displayed.

Goodbye ! See you Monday ! Students in the class The Reno School blog Angel Guepin
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